5 Best Pencils For Drawing In 2021

There are a lot of pencils available for drawing in art stores.  Each of these pencils promises a lot of goodness and beauty to art. But the truth of the matter is that some of these pencils fall way below expectations despite how good one thinks them to be.

In the light of this, we’ll be sharing the 5 best pencils for drawing in 2021 with you. Collected.Reviews also contains a lot of reviews about art stores and the quality of their products. This will serve as a guide to you in purchasing the best pencils as well as other art items.

Below are the best five pencils for drawing in 2021.

1.     Kashmir Graphite Pencils:

These graphite pencils come in different forms and textures. From the moderately thick to the thin and the charcoal like nibs. These pencils are darlings of those who support the greener earth movement because they are made of wood in a bid to save the green earth. These graphite pencils are perfect for sketching and deep illustrations. One amazing thing about them is the fact that you can get any shade you want. Its spectra are from 6H to 12B.

2.     Pentel Sharp Kerry:

This drawing pencil is one attractive pencil that always gets a second glance from people. Its body is usually made from plastic, and it covers its sleeve perfectly. Its cap is also another feature of it that lets you keep it in your pocket without the risk of getting stained. Pentel Sharp Kerry is a great pencil for object drawings due to its smoothness and perfect finishing. If you’re also looking to create a very clear drawing, you should go for no other pencil but the Pentel.

3.     Sanford Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil:

This Art pencil has a lot of colours, just like the rainbow. This makes it a very good pencil for illustrations and emphasis. It has about one hundred and fifty different colours. Its large spectrum of colours is the major thing that makes it a topper in an artist’s collection.

4.     Caran D’ache Coloured Art Pencil:

This pencil comes in a lot of colours like Sanford. But it contains a lesser number of colours. It has just seventy six different colours. This pencil is a very sharp and bright pencil. It is that one pencil that you would love to use in drawing the catchiest parts of your art.

5.     Lyra Rembrandt Pencils:

These famous hexagonal pencils have always lived up to their names. These pencils are the perfect pencils for the artist who desires to take his/her shading game to the high heavens. This collection is made of quality graphite and they come in different shades and textures. Each tailored to suit your taste.

Final Notes

An artist’s pencil is an artist’s strength. That is why we stopped at nothing to ensure me made the perfect list for your next pencil tour. You’ll notice a drastic improvement between your old works and your new work after using these wonderful pencils.