A Glory Filled Sermon with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Spending New Year’s Eve at church may seem odd to non-Christians, but not to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his congregation. Everyone was excited and enjoyed being in the presence of God, according to Greg Piers, a contributing writer of pastorchrisliveusa.org. Piers was amazed that so many people gathered just to hear the Word of God. Those who couldn’t attend could watch the service on TV or online.

“The most astonishing part of witnessing this event was that so many people gathered in one place, and watched live, not for a soccer match or a concert, but rather to hear the Word of God,” he said. He also confessed feeling hopeful about more people accepting Christ into their lives.

A Year of Growth for the Ministry

The ministry’s success of reaching people with the Gospel was discussed during the service.

“As a ministry we flourished. Month after month we experienced luxuriant growth, significant attainments and . . . productivity,” Pierce said. A part of that growth is Rhapsody Realities, a daily devotional and Bible Study guide, which increased in distribution by over 1.3 billion copies and was translated in over 900 languages.

Moreover, the ministry had a great impact spreading the Gospel through LoveWorld, a cable TV network which offers various Christian programs by televangelists. The ministry also uses Loveworldusa.org to share sermons and news updates regarding ministry work. Visitors can donate through the website to show their support.

Another area of growth is the Inner-City Mission, a non-governmental organization that supports orphaned and impoverished children. One way the Inner-City Mission serves children is through the Family Strengthening Program. Under this program food assistance is given to families who can’t afford to feed their children; the organization also accepts volunteer work and donations to fund the program.

There has also been significant growth in the Healing School.

According to enterthehealingschool.org, the ministry has televised healing sessions once a year in Johannesburg, South Africa and Toronto, Canada. Many testimonies can be found on the Healing School’s website. Overall this ministry has brought “. . . hope and healing to thousands . . .” Piers said.

In addition to the increase of miraculous healings, thousands of future ministers are being raised up through the International School of Ministry or (ISM). According to the ISM website, the school equips future ministers with the knowledge needed to teach the Gospel. A session takes place every year in Johannesburg, South Africa; anyone can sign up for ISM and attend for free.

Future African Leaders Awards

The Future African Leaders Awards were held during the service. These awards are meant to honor those who made a great impact on their communities. Among the winners was Naomi Ekpoki Aliyum, who was overcome with emotion while receiving her award. “She fell to her knees and was physically incapable of controlling her excitement,” according to Piers. Also he described other winners falling under the power of God as an “unforgettable moment.”

During the night, Gospel Singer Martin PK sang his single “Beautiful Jesus,” which won song of the year at the 2017 LoveWorld Music Awards. Then Sinach sang a song of thanksgiving to God; as she sang, many pastors from Christ Embassy joined her and Pastor Chris on stage.

The event ended with Pastor Chris thanking God for the ministries’ success and praying that it continues. Pastor Chris believes 2018 “. . . is going to be a very significant year”; and because of its importance, he encouraged everyone to pray prophetically into the lives of their family members.